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Function to morph grayscale images.


Updated 08 Dec 2008

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Morphimage morphs an image (grayscale) using a morphing matrix.
%Read image
image = imread('example.pgm');
imagesize = size(image);
%Creating a random morphield
morphfield = 8*imresize(rand(5,5,2)-0.5,imagesize,'bilinear');
%Morph the original image
MorphedImage = morphimage(image,morphfield);

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Dima Pröfrock (2021). morphimage (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Is there anyone help able to help me if i want to answer questions?

Mohd Asnawi

good stuff, helped me eith my project thanks

ali serdar karaba?


Tajmilur Rahman

This code is good, not so much complex or not so tough to undersland but efficient.

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