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Latitude Longitude to KML

version (441 Bytes) by Patrick Robinson
converts lat/lon data to a google-earth file


Updated 11 Sep 2006

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specify a file name and a matrix containing latitude / longitude data and the program outputs a KML track file viewable in Google Earth.

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Patrick Robinson (2020). Latitude Longitude to KML (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Fried Rice

Added some changes, so it works in Google Earth 2018 Version:
Be carfeul with the order of lat/long (function flips it)

header=['<kml xmlns=""><Placemark><description>"' name '"</description><LineString><tessellate>1</tessellate><coordinates>'];

fid = fopen([name '.kml'], 'wt');
fprintf(fid, '%s \n',header);
fprintf(fid, '%.7f,%.7f,0.0\n', d);
fprintf(fid, '%s', footer);

Dong-hyun Shin

Arpit Gupta

It works great. I just used it. I have location traces collcted for few hours, I will try to enhance this work by enabling reading of corresponding timestamp and get more information from the map file.



Thanks a TON! :D

Fraser Dickson

Hi This seems to work great but how do i just plot my lat longs rather than join them up into a track. Can this be done?

paul harder

works great. thanks

ahmad abdul

but I can't plot all the lat long in the Google Earth (path).
Any way to do it? My file looks something like this...I assume it will plot the path in the google earth using this file....any help?

<kml xmlns="">
<name>POINT path</name>
<LineString id="POINT string">
-1.1929924500, 52.9404052600, 0.0
-1.1929924700, 52.9403052500, 0.0
-1.1929924800, 52.9402052300, 0.0
-1.1929925000, 52.9403052200, 0.0
-1.1929925100, 52.9403052000, 0.0


wang tan: look for the wgs84 file somebody posted on this site.

wang tan

i hope to find a file converts Lat/Long to X-Y coordinate

Scott C

This code does work. Thanks.

quabbani wilson

it sucked

kabardian TURKISH

an basic but exellent code

Amy Farris

it is simple, but it works great!


Abe Smith

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