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Set unique, treating NaNs as equal (v2.0, mar 2009)


Updated 6 Apr 2009

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UNIQUEWITHEQUALNANS - Set unique, treating NaNs as equal
B = UNIQUEWITHEQUALNANS(A) for the array A returns the same values as in A
but with no repetitions. B will also be sorted (NaNs as last).

UNIQUEWITHEQUALNANS(A,'rows') for the matrix A returns the unique rows
of A, treating NaNs as equal.

[B,I,J] = UNIQUEWITHEQUALNANS(...) also returns index vectors I and J such
that B = A(I) and A = B(J) (or B = A(I,:) and A = B(J,:)).

[B,I,J] = UNIQUEWITHEQUALNANS(...,'first') returns the vector I to
index the first occurrence of each unique value in A.
UNIQUEWITHEQUALNANS(...,'last'), the default, returns the vector I to
index the last occurrence.

A = [1 2 NaN ; 1 2 NaN ; 1 2 NaN] ;
% -> [1 2 NaN ; 1 2 NaN ; 1 2 NaN] ;
%-> [1 2 NaN]

For a cell array of strings, this function behaves exactly like UNIQUE.

See also unique, ISEQUALWITHNANS.

v2.0, mar 2009 - update to deal with recent versions of UNIQUE

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