Practical use of MATLAB in radiation oncology (DICOM)

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MATLAB scripts were created to deal with four DICOM file formats in radiation oncology. (DICOM CT, RT structure, RT plan, RT dose)


Updated 6 Feb 2023

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Practical use of MATLAB in radiation oncology
Learning objectives in this lecture series
Get familiar with dealing with four DICOM file formats in radiation oncology using MATLAB
(DICOM CT, DICOM RT structure, DICOM RT plan, DICOM RT dose)
★Lecture slides and related (and anonymized) patient data can be downloaded from each of the YouTube video links.
★Lecture slides can be downloaded from this link:
★Anonymized patient data:
  1. test.dcm (a CT slice for lecture 1):
  2. patient-example (DICOM data set for lectures 2-15):
★List of lectures and associated MATLAB files
Lecture 1: Read DICOM file, write text file
  • MATLAB file: Lecture1.m
Lecture 2: Read DICOM files, find DICOM files
  • MATLAB file: Lecture2.m
Lecture 3: Read DICOM CT, plot 2D image, save as file
  • MATLAB file: Lecture3.m
Lecture 4: Read DICOM CT, read 3D image
  • MATLAB file: Lecture4_1_2D_ct_number.m, Lecture4_2_dicomreadVolume.m
Lecture 5: Read DICOM CT, plot 3D image
  • MATLAB file: Lecture5_1_HW4.m, Lecture5_2.m
Lecture 6: Read DICOM RT plan, get plan parameters I
  • MATLAB file: Lecture6_1_HW5sol.m, Lecture6_2.m
Lecture 7: Read DICOM RT plan, get plan parameters II
  • MATLAB file: Lecture7_1_HW6sol.m
Lecture 8: Get MLC positions from DICOM RT plan file
  • MATLAB file: Lecture8_1_HW7sol.m, Lecture8_2.m
Lecture 9: Visualize MLC modulation
  • MATLAB file: Lecture9_1_HW8sol.m, Lecture9_2_MLC_visualization.m
Lecture 10: Read DICOM RT structure
  • MATLAB file: Lecture10_1_HW9sol.m, Lecture10_2_contour_plot.m
Lecture 11: Plot DICOM RT structure on CT
  • MATLAB file: Lecture11_1_HW10sol.m, Lecture11_2_plot_contour_on_ct.m, Lecture11_3_plot_multiple_contours.m
Lecture 12: Read DICOM RT dose, plot dose
  • MATLAB file: Lecture12_1_HW11sol.m, Lecture12_2_read_dose.m
Lecture 13: Create mask images from RT structures
  • MATLAB file: Lecture13_1_HW12sol.m, Lecture13_2_create_mask.m, createMaskJK.m, add_operation.m
Lecture 14: Create dose-volume histogram (DVH) curves
  • MATLAB file: Lecture14_1_HW13sol.m, Lecture14_2_create_dvh_curves.m
Lecture 15: Calculate DVH metrics
  • MATLAB file: Lecture15_HW14sol.m
Note: All lecture slides and youtube video lectures were made in Korean. English version will be uploaded later...

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