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Updated 1 Apr 2023

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MOCluGen is a MATLAB/Octave implementation of the clugen algorithm for generating multidimensional clusters. Each cluster is supported by a line segment, the position, orientation and length of which guide where the respective points are placed.

See the documentation for more details.

Install and use

Download the most recent version from the releases page or clone the development version with following command:

$ git clone

Open MATLAB or GNU Octave and cd into the project's folder, and run the startup.m script:

>> startup

MOCluGen can now be used, e.g:

>> o = clugen(2, 4, 400, [1 0], pi / 8, [50, 10], 20, 1, 2, 'seed', 123);
>> scatter(o.points(:, 1), o.points(:, 2), 36, o.clusters, 'filled', 'MarkerEdgeColor', 'k');

Example 2D

>> o = clugen(3, 4, 1000, [1 0 0], pi / 8, [20 15 25], 16, 4, 3.5, 'seed', 123);
>> scatter3(o.points(:, 1), o.points(:, 2), o.points(:, 3), 36, o.clusters, 'filled', 'MarkerEdgeColor', 'k');

Example 3D

See also

  • pyclugen, a Python implementation of the clugen algorithm.
  • CluGen.jl, a Julia implementation of the clugen algorithm.
  • clugenr, an R implementation of the clugen algorithm.


If you use this software, please cite the following reference:


MIT License

Cite As

Fachada, Nuno, and Diogo de Andrade. Generating Multidimensional Clusters With Support Lines. arXiv, 2023, doi:10.48550/ARXIV.2301.10327.

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