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Understanding the Euler Angles

version (43.6 KB) by Divahar Jayaraman
This is for visualizing the Euler Angles and better understanding of it


Updated 12 Oct 2006

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You can input the angles and the axis about which the co-ordiante has to be rotated to visualize the rotation and orientation.

you will have full control of what elements to be shown in screen, like path,plane of rotation,initial co-ordinate frame,etc

Description in short: : An Educating tool.

Understanding_Euler_Angles.m -- Main program

arrow3d.m -- Function to generate the 3d arrow

Rotations.m -- Computes the orientation of the reference frames and plots it.

Revolve.m -- Function to produce axisymmetric surfaces

Extrude.m -- Function to produce surface s by extruding a 2-d shape.

Cylinder.m -- Function to create a cylinder with closed facesof required radius.

Cone.m -- Function to generate cone.

Banner.jpg -- Author's Banner

Understanding_Euler_Angles.fig -- GUI figure

Total 9 files.

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@supersaturn5 it is because the author has used a variable "count" which is a function of MATLAB so its got conflicting names.
How to fix? in the understanding_euler_angles.m file press ctrl+F then in find type count and in replace type count_a . Press replace all and it will work


Hi! I have a question. When i run the file "Understanding_Euler_Angles.m" i see thi errore: "Error: File: Understanding_Euler_Angles.m Line: 253 Column: 1". Why?

Matthew Jones

Anyone like Neha who is new to Matlab (although by now, Neha is probably a Matlab expert), first extract the files from the .zip download. Next, goto Matlab and open the main file: Understanding_Euler_Angles.m. Then try to run the will be prompted to "Add to Path" the folder you are working in. Once the path is added, the GUI will appear.

xiong cc

Good idea and beautiful GUI!
One more thing...
By changing the Line247 of MainFunction into 'CAngle = str2double(get(handles.ChooseAngle,'string'))*pi/180;' and the popupmenu of ChooseAngle into edit, we'll achieve rotation of any angles. For a negative angle, plus 360 is useful.

John B.

Ali Osman

If the repeated rotations are not allowed, such as common ZXZ (313), this tool is only half way done. It doesn't deserve any 5 stars ranking! Any technical difficulty ??


Sohail (view profile)

Very good tool for Eular Angles illustration with comments. Adding a readme.txt in the set would be appreciated.

Thanks you !


Neha (view profile)

I am kind of new to this.and was wondering if you could provide some steps as how to run the programs. coz wen i run the Euler_Angles/Understanding_Euler_Angles.m file it gives an error and does not pop up any GUI.
Thank you

very nice for educational

wang liy



Good illustration to understand Euler angles

Ray Pryor

Thank you very much, I can understand the rotatation convention now. In class I couldn't "see" the rotations because of the 2-D ambiguity of the 3-D axis diagram.

Ben Nunya

Nice visualization. However, I am not sure why you do not allow repeated rotations. In moving axes of rotations (sometimes called "general convention") it is common to rotate about z, then x, then z again.

Bob Steward

Very good demo

liu junqing

very good

uday desai

James Sanders

Very well done, very nice gui and demonstration or Euler rotation.

Muhammad Yasir

That is a terrific effort and it is working fine on my comp

senthil kumar

John D'Errico

This code seems to generate errors in matlab for me (using Matlab R14SP1 and the required screen resolution.) The first time I tried it, page after page of errors appeared, then Matlab crashed. The second time, after restarting matlab, it still generated those errors, but did not crash. It clears the command window however, so I lose the errors to identify the failure.

Beyond those major errors, Understanding_Euler_Angles could use more comments about what it does. For example, a ReadMe file would be very useful.

francesco topputo

nice educational tool

Reza Esmaelzadeh


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Compatible with any release
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