Sea Level Science (sls)

sls - A Matlab package for Sea Level Science


Updated 3 Jun 2023

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sls - A Matlab Package for Sea Level Science

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Package in constant development and subject to minimal testing - proceed with caution

See 'sls_example_usage' for a brief introduction to some of the functions

Syntax is sls.function() for base functions or for functions that are grouped (see below) e.g., sls.calc_tide(), sls.bodc.load()

Current functions:


remove_msl - removes mean sea level trends from sea level data

calc_tide - year by year or whole timeseries tidal harmonic analysis and tidal 
            reconstruction from inputted sea level data onto a 15 minute 
            temporal timeseries
calc_ncon_tide - tidal reconstruction from sea level data using the n-main 
                 consitutents gained from a tidal harmonic analysis of the
                 year with best data (coverage/amount)
high_low_water - calculates the high and low waters from given water level
                 or tide data.
tidal_phase -  calculates tidal phase, aka time to either nearest high or 
               low water for every timestep
rPOT - gains peaks over threshold (POT) values, using 'R largest' method
       with a storm window
POT_counts - counts peaks over threshold (POT) values, per specified 
             time period
skew_surge - calculates skew surge by using the high waters of a sinusoidal 
             tidal curve and calculating the difference in tidal (predicted) 
             high water and the actual high water around each sinusoidal peak
thresh_cross_del - for every group of consecutive values over a threshold, 
                   all but the max in the group are deleted (made nan)
time_above_thresh -  calculates time above threshold in hours with multiple 
time_between_exceedance_groups - for every group of consecutive values over 
                                 a threshold, get the time between each group


bodc.load - load UK National Tide Gauge Network data from files downloaded 
            from the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)
bodc.flag_removal - remove flagged data from BODC

bodc.tide_gauge_info - get information about a specific tide gauge 
                       (name, ordnance datum, latitude, longitude)


cco.load_wav - load Channel Coast Observatory (CCO) qc wave data

cco.wav_flag_removal - removes flagged CCO qc wave data

cco.load_wl - load CCO qc water level data

cco.wl_flag_removal - removes flagged CCO qc water level data (replaces with nan)


plt.timeseries - plots variables and their associated times

plt.add_line - plots line variable to a open plot

plt.add_timeseries - plots variables and their associated times on a new plot 
                     or to a open plot on the next tile
plt.bin_xticklabels - creates binned xticklabels from n - n+1 variable: 
                      e.g., 2013, 2014, 2015 into 2013-2014, 2014-2015
plt.coverage_greyed - gives grey shading colours/alphas representative of the 
                      percentage of non-nan data over user-defined time periods 
                      within a timeseries
plt.font - changes font options (weight, size, and name) for a currently opened plot

plt.nxtile - calls nexttile() using a row,col positional input as opposed to a scalar

plt.rPOT - plots all exceedance events from rPOT

plt.time_between_exceedances - plots the time between each group of consecutive values 
                               over a threshold, with options to highlight the magnitude 
                               of each exceedance
plt.twogroup_stacked_hist - plots a histogram of a binned variable that is also stacked 
                            by a different grouping

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.