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Reads a Google Earth .kml file into Matlab


Updated 31 Mar 2016

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Opens a Google Earth kml file and reads the coordinates (x,y,z) into Matlab.

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Amy Farris (2021). read_kml (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Marc Compere

works like a champ on Google Earth exported path .kml file. thank you

Fried Rice

Add the last 3 lines / final "else" statement from the code snippet below, just in case that neither the first or last cell is empty.
--> Otherwise "Undefined function or variable 'D'.".

% sometimes first and/or last element in C is empty, this causes problems
len = size(C,2);
if isempty(C{1}) && isempty(C{end})
D = C(2:len-1);
elseif isempty(C{1}) && ~isempty(C{end})
D = C(2:end);
elseif isempty(C{end}) && ~isempty(C{1})
D = C(1:len-1);
D = C;

diogo costa


I had to adjust it to my kml file that only contained lat/long (no z coordinate) and I optimized the final step a bit, but it gets the job done!

Kyle Spencer

Would this still work if you converted your google earth pro in to UTM coordinates?


Great, but kml document breaks coordinates if there are more than 1000 points.
So in this function you just pick the first 1000 points.
Maybe with another if, you can check if there are a second block of coordinate.


Erdal Bizkevelci

Evan Artis

Testing it out.

Malcolm Wood

Nice function. I think you could make it much more robust to mis-placed spaces by using "xmlread" and then the W3C XML-handling classes, e.g.:
>> doc = xmlread(fileName);
>> c = doc.getElementsByTagName('coordinates').item(0);
>> coord_str = c.getChildNodes().item(0).getData();

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