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Simulink Block Alignment Tools

version (37.6 KB) by Po Hu
A tool for aligning the blocks in Simulink


Updated 27 Nov 2006

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This is a GUI tool for the alignment of Simulink blocks.

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Po Hu (2021). Simulink Block Alignment Tools (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Kyohei Okimura

>> Farha
When you use this tool,
(1) save and unfold this "Simulink Block Alignment Tools" in your current directory which you can find with "pwd" command on MATLAB command window. (e.g. ~/home/user/)
(2) open any of your Simulink file (*.mdl or *.slx). Then you pick and place some blocks like constant block onto your opened model. In addition, select blocks which you will arrange inline.
(3) execute "blkalignment.m" which you unzipped at (1) and push alignment buttons which you prefer.
(4) you will find that this tools works from the blocks aligned.

Rody Oldenhuis

Why this is not a native part of Simulink is beyond me...


Useful. Should be built in to Simulink.


Absolutely indispensable!


Where to save and run the m file?

Diego Barragán

Muy buen trabajo...
A good job!

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Created with R14SP2
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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