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getfigdata v1.1

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Extracts data from the lines in a .fig figure file.



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More than once, I have found an old .fig file, but I can't find the data set that was used to create it. getfigdata.m will examine a figure and return the data for all of the lines in a figure.

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Renee Hlozek

This code has helped me so much - it is really key to my work and works so well... makes Matlab figure generation (and extraction) a dream. Thank you

Subramani Adhiachari

I was searching for the similar thing

Anan Moran

Excellent work. Exactly what I was searching for.

guan wenye

many many thanks for your wonderful work,to my great joy,it can extract data from a *.fig with more than 1 axes.Thanks again!

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

Inspired by: extract_subplot_image

Inspired: Fisher Matrix Toolbox (Fisher4Cast )

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