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Dual CSTR nonlinear differential equation model

version (2.31 KB) by John Hedengren
Two continuously stirred tank reactors in series.


Updated 11 Jun 2007

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Dual CSTR nonlinear differential equation model. It consists of 4 differential equations with mole and energy balances over the 2 reactors. It is a good test model for nonlinear model predictive control (MPC), Kalman filtering, and moving horizon estimation (MHE).

This model is found in:

Henson, M.A. and Seborg, D.E., Feedback Linearizing Control, Chap. 4 of Nonlinear Process Control, Edited by Hensen, M.A. and Seborg, D.E., Prentice Hall (1997)

Download additional models and documentation at:

Comments and Ratings (5)

Braden Taack

The organization of both the function and script was top notch. It was also well-thought out and runs well. However, it lacks detail in explaining the steps. Though it was certainly feasible to determine the logic of the code, some additional pseudo-code would have gone a long way and made our lives easier. On the other hand, the lack of notation was desirable because it allowed us, or any person online, to make the code our own. It appears the author meant it to be more of a template for a series of reactions of this sort. This being said, the explanations were still bare bones with more to be done. Given clearer details of the code and data for a similar process, it should be fairly straightforward to change the given code to fit your own process. In short, the code works well but could use some cosmetic improvements.

Braden Taack

villee 1201

can work,not detailed.

patricia cardona

is a good text.

vakamudi das

good....need more details

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