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Matlab Programming Techniques

version (64.7 KB) by mahesh kale
This guide discuss how to create *.m to executable

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Updated 13 Jun 2007

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This guide discuss how to create *.m to executable and some of other matlab basics.Just let me know if there are errors or need revision.

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mahesh kale (2021). Matlab Programming Techniques (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (6)

nag endra

do we need to undergo this hefty process

Cristian Gutiérrez

very basic, it doesn't teach nothing else than you already know from Matlab help.

Dimitri Shvorob

See earlier comments. And why is this called 'Matlab Programming Techniques'? Can the author, or anyone else, locate a single one?

John Stevens

Useless. Use help system.

Troubleshooting some compiler problems would be more useful

Please remove

Jay Simon

Mahesh, thanks for this useful tutorial. I would suggest fixing your use of caps in command statements where this would result in errors due to case-sensitivity.

Dimitri Shvorob

7 pages, 1.5 of which discuss entering

Function graph
X= [32, 45, 67, 59, 92];
Y= [60, 72, 88,110,128];
Plot(x, y);

Mbuild -setup
Mcc -m graph.m -o graph

(Notice the capitalization :))

If this trivial and redundant write-up is aimed at 'intermediate' Matlab users, beginners gotta be in kindergarten.

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