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Input Robot

version (68.1 KB) by Joe Zhong
A robot to help you click mouse and typing in other application's window


Updated 06 Jul 2007

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If you are fed up to clicking buttons just because Matlab hasn't offer a function to control other Data Acquisition applications,and you don't want to spend days to write a interface DLL, this is the DLL you are looking for!

It does the job in simple way:
1. it can insert a string into the Window's keyboard input string,as if you have typed the string from the keyboard.
2. It can move the mouse to where you specified and do a mouse click.
3. It can change a window's show status, i.e minimum, maximum, or just bring it to the foreground from the back of a pile of windows.
Help file and source code are in the package.
It is only be tested under Windows XP sp2.

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Joe Zhong (2020). Input Robot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (8)

Yan Liang

Great program!however I do not know how to use the
two files!Could you tell me? Thank you very much


Thank you !!


Best program..thanks

lindo ao

i cannot compile the code that u have given using vc++. there are problems with INPUT datatype.
Please post a remedy for this problem.
or mail me to

Adrian Abordo

Terrific program! Works great and is IMMENSELY useful. Thank you!

Erik T

Great program!

Just what I was looking for, I needed MAtlab to drag windows around. This nice little program does it!

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