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Cardiac-Simulink with Model Pacemaker VI1 Of Cardiac Cells

version 1.0 (26.2 KB) by

application simulink to model pacemaker VI1 of all cardiac cells

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application simulink to model pacemaker VI1 of all the cardiac cells

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Doesn't work!

Michael Hatrack

Dear Sir
Thank you so much for this contribution! It works like a charm for our cardiology group.

B. Roossien

- Model gives an error when I try to run it:
"Invalid name for data logging specified"
- Improper usage of Fcn blocks
- Unconnected signals
- No help or description what the model is supposed to do and what the output results are.
- Bioinformatics toolbox not required in opposite to what the author specifies

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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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