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waitmex: using a waitbar inside a C mexFunction

version 1.1 (4.9 KB) by Tim Davis
A set of C routines for creating, updating, and destroying a waitbar from within a mexFunction


Updated 20 Nov 2014

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waitmex provides for C-callable functions tha provide access to the MATLAB waitbar mechanism from within a C mexFunction.
In C, you can do the following:

h = waitbar_create (0,"please wait...") ;

waitbar_update (0.1, h) ;

waitbar_update (0.5, h, "half way ...") ;

waitbar_destroy (h) ;

which are equivalent to the following MATLAB M-file statements, respectively:

h = waitbar (0, 'Please wait...') ;

waitbar (0.1, h) ;

waitbar (0.5, h, 'half way...') ;

close (h) ;

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Tim Davis (2019). waitmex: using a waitbar inside a C mexFunction (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Converted to a toolbox. Modified comments and URL's in the comments. No changes to the code itself.

changed Windows-style files (extra control-M) to Unix/Linux to be consistent with the rest of my files.

update not working

Minor glitch in example mexFunction.

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