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Frequency Response of the Ear , Hearing Test

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Tests the frequency response of the user's ear/ears, and plots the threshold of hearing plot



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This program assists you in measuring the frequency response of your ear. You may test each ear individually and compare them, or compare your results with others.

The human ear is naturally more sensitive to some frequencies than others. Different frequencies need to be at different loudness levels for them to seem equally loud to the human listener. This program produces the "equi-loudness curve" for your ear.

You may observe how your ear reacts to different frequencies.

If you suspect a problem, you should be tested by a professional.

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Marie (view profile)

This is a nifty little application. I've always wondered how much damage I might have done with in the ear phones.

Line 212 from the August 30th 2007 submission has a small bug that saves the data in the wrong place. To fix it, change the line to:

save(filename, 'X', 'Y')

Other things that might be nice would be adding the ability to resize, using markers at the sampling frequencies, and providing a button for datatips. Finaly, in addition to the disclaimer about the system not being calibrated, I would remind users that inexpensive headphones/speakers may not be able to produce either the low frequencies and/or the higher ones.

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Inspired: audio equilizer

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