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Display a color-coded image of a data matrix with programmable data-tips & click callbacks


Updated 30 Aug 2007

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DATAMATRIX(data) accepts a numeric or logical data matrix (0, 1 or 2D) and presents it in a color-coded image. Complex data is supported by color-coding the data's complex modulus (magnitude). NaN elements are assigned a specific shade of gray to distinguish them.

The user can specify optional labels, as well as data-tips and/or click callbacks for any or all matrix cells. These optional parameters can be specified either directly, or via order-indifferent case-insensitive property-value pairs, or a combination of both.

Supported properties include: x/y title, x/y labels & rotation (orientation), cell data-tips, cell callbacks, min/max data clamping, reference color (see extensive help within).

Users may use this submission either as-is, or as a learning tool to study data-tip & click callback customizations (including some undocumented version-related quirks/hacks).

This code relies in part on undocumented and unsupported Matlab functionality. It works on Matlab 6+, but use at your own risk! Some features (e.g., data-tips) are unavailable on very old Matlab versions.

Bugs and suggestions:
Please send to Yair Altman (altmany at gmail dot com)

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Mathias Ortner

I have to say : I always enjoyed Mr Altman submissions, but this one is a must have. Appart from the Java hacks that are fun to see, the function in itself is USEFUL!!

Are you bothered by X- Y axis convention of imagesc ? Are you bothered by unreadable colorbars ? Well, this is for you.

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