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Yeast Fermentation Bioreactor for Ethanol Production

version (22.4 KB) by John Hedengren
First principles dynamic simulator of a yeast fermentation bioreactor for ethanol production.


Updated 10 Sep 2007

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This is a nonlinear system of differential and algebriac equations, that describe the dynamics of a continuous bioreactor. The bioreactor simulates the production of ethanol through yeast fermentation. The model is described in:

Z. K. Nagy, Model Based Control of a Fermentation Bioreactor using Optimally Designed Artificial Neural Networks, Chemical Engineering Journal, 127, 95-109, 2007.

Additional nonlinear, first principles models can be found at:

Special thanks to Zoltan Nagy for his submission to this collection of models.

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which is the main file to run the set ? I got error message after trying running m files. Do I need simulink license to run this model ?

Visnja Music

I have this error... somebody know the causes? I opened all the files in matlab and run and I get that

"Error in S-function 'bf_bioc_new/S-function': S-Function 'sf_bioc' does not exist
Component: Simulink | Category: Block error"

Manoj deka

I am not able to run the code. It is saying flag is undefined. I am new to matlab.. please help me


Ubaid (view profile)

Thank you so much for this upload. Its an excellent model and is really helpful.

Just wanted to ask you that if i wanted to convert this continuous model into a discrete one what changes would i need to make apart from changing the initialization to accommodate discrete states instead of continuous specify sampling time and change flag 1 to flag 2.

michael tran


Mario Cabanas

I'm new in MatLab please can you say me how to input the constants?
mu max, ks and Yield in order to get graphics time vs cX, cP, and cS for my constantes?


Kenneth Mainasara Achi

i am impress with the result

kenneth mainasara Achi

u are try in your work both u need to improd your reseache

jo philip

yet to test

Dan Mac

Now you need to describe how this can be applied to homebrewing and wine making. Now that would be useful. Sorry, I just had to throw in my 2 cents.

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