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Send Text Message to Cell Phone

version (1.5 KB) by Ke Feng
Send text message to cell phone or other mobile devices


Updated 01 Oct 2007

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Use this function to send text message to cell phone or other mobile devices. Currently, it works for US based cell phones only.

I found it useful for people who does time-consuming computations constantly. My lab mate often called me in and asked me to check his computer to see if his computations are over. I made this small function for him so he get notified on his cell phone when the computation is done, and he loves it. I think others might like it as well.

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Ke Feng (2021). Send Text Message to Cell Phone (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Nathan Lively

For Googfi add

Zheyu Li

Thank you for uploading this function! For att, the email suffix should be changed to '' according to

Paul Safier

To make it work for AT&T, I had to use: instead of what's in this function.

Sriram K

I get the following error:

Error: File: send_text_message.m Line: 1 Column: 28
Invalid expression. Check for missing multiplication operator, missing or unbalanced
delimiters, or other syntax error. To construct matrices, use brackets instead of

Zachary Reinke

I keep getting this message when trying to use the sendmail() function. I get the same result using this code. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Error using sendmail (line 169)

Error in send_text_message (line 84)

Jeffrey DesRoches

I got it to work with turning less secure apps off (Aug 2017). I also updated the gmail SMTP server lines from to:

props = java.lang.System.getProperties;
props.setProperty('mail.smtp.socketFactory.class', '');

I'm not sure if the change is necessary, I just know its now working. Thanks Ke Feng!

Chris Rorden

Thanks, by the way you can SMS google Fi subscribers if you add this line after the "case 'virgin';" line...
case 'google'; emailto = strcat(number,'');

Jose Branco



Johan Portström

Benjamin Neuner

I tried changing my gmail security but it still has the same error;
Error using sendmail (line 164)
Unknown SMTP host:;


This still can work with gmail, you just have to disable Gmail's new extra security.

Christopher Conatser

Worked until toward the end of 2015. Now I get the same errors as Paul and Brando Miranda.

paul harder

gmail gave me this error-

Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account from an app that doesn't meet modern security standards.

Brando Miranda

It didn't work for me. It said:

Error using sendmail (line 171)
Authentication failed.

Error in send_text_message (line 78)

William Grefe

Worked perfectly for long simulations and tests

trista abuzer



Joseph Malle

Avesome! I changed the carrier section to this which seems to work:


emailTo = regexp(lower(x),'[a-z0-9_.]+@[a-z0-9_.]+\.(com|net)','match','once');

The website says this service has a costs, but I've been able to just do this which I got from stackoverflow without entering payment info. Wouldn't recommend doing it for anything more than personal use...


Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Ford Creighton


Nagabhushan KC

Ke Feng,

Could you please let me know steps to execute this file?.



thank you


Whenever I try to use this script, I get an error message saying "Undefined function or variable 'sprint'." Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Atul Ingle

Semin Ibisevic

Semin Ibisevic

John Pritchard



This simple function is extremely useful if you have simulations that take an indeterminate amount of time to finish. I put a call to this function at the end of my neural network training scripts and go get coffee while it runs. It is also easy to modify to send yourself an e-mail instead. The one thing I still need to try is using this to send variable status updates as a code runs, but I think it provides the architecture to do so.

Great code!


Bob Schafer

Just a note that AT&T has changed their email-to-text info, so line ~47 should now read:

case 'att'; emailto = strcat(number,'');

Mr Smart


A very useful part of this submission is the permission setup (setpref) for Gmail. Matlab's documentation did not result in my being able to send texts from Gmail, but Ke Feng's permissions did. Interestingly I can text all kinds of carriers from my Gmail account but not from my work email, maybe because the authentication level is higher. If you have to text a bunch of people on different carriers and are having trouble, try doing it from Gmail using Ke Feng's permissions.


I get the ??? Error using ==> sendmail at 168
Exception reading response;
Connection reset
also... Gmail must have changed the port #...

Brian Keats

I get the following error:
??? Error using ==> sendmail at 168
Exception reading response;
Connection reset
Anyone know how to fix it?


I get the same error message

??? Error using ==> sendmail
Could not establish connection with on port 25.


dont work at all

??? Error using ==> sendmail at 168
Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25;
Connection timed out: connect

Error in ==> send_text_message at 82


Excellent work.
I am in Canada, and my cell company is Rogers, and the email address they use is ''. I added the following line, and it worked fine.

case 'rogers'; emailto = strcat(number,'');


How to set the number...
it give me an error
??? Input argument "number" is undefined.

Error in ==> send_text_message at 38
number = strrep(number, '-', '');

Jason Merrill

As an alternative, follow these instructions to set up sendmail:

and then use, a free e-mail to SMS converter:

sendmail('','','Calculation Finished')

saint pierre gadiano


vatsla k

Yokesh R

Steve Harston

When I try this code I get the following error:

??? Java exception occurred: Connection reset

at Source)

at Source)

at Source)

Error in ==> sendmail>readmsg at 377

Error in ==> sendmail at 125
[status, code] = okSMTP(readmsg(in));

I know that it has something to do with accessing the email account and I have tried setting different properties but the error is still occurring. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks

Santiago Balestrini

This is a great script! Well documented too!

I would like to see something done about the password too, my solution was to create an account in Gmail for our entire lab. If anybody messes with it, I can just create a new account.

Bassam Abdelnabi

tariq-tam TAM

tariq tam

thank you

janet looloo


Robert Flight

Looks pretty good, but a couple of comments. This should work for anyone who has a gmail account, and knows the email address that their cell carrier uses for text messaging. For example, I am in Canada, and my cell company is Aliant, and the email address they use is ''. Therefore I can easily add a case 'aliant', with the address '', and it will work fine for me.

I would also recommend creating two matlab *.mat files, one containing the password (named something cryptic) and the email address to send to, thereby making it a little bit harder for someone to get your password.

Nick C

This would be awsome if I were in the US :(

Kelly Kearney

This is an excellent solution to the frustrations associated with running models overnight, only to discover the next morning that something crashed an hour after it started. Very well-documented and easy to use.

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