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straight line and plane intersection

version (1.75 KB) by Nassim Khaled
plane_line_intersect computes the intersection of a plane and a segment(or


Updated 27 Nov 2007

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%plane_line_intersect computes the intersection of a plane and a segment (or a straight line)
% Inputs:
% n: normal vector of the Plane
% V0: any point that belongs to the Plane
% P0: end point 1 of the segment P0P1
% P1: end point 2 of the segment P0P1
% I is the point of interection
% Check is an indicator:
% 0 => disjoint (no intersection)
% 1 => the plane intersects P0P1 in the unique point I
% 2 => the segment lies in the plane
% 3=>the intersection lies outside the segment P0P1
% Example:
% Determine the intersection of following the plane x+y+z+3=0 with the segment P0P1:
% The plane is represented by the normal vector n=[1 1 1]
% and an arbitrary point that lies on the plane, ex: V0=[1 1 -5]
% The segment is represented by the following two points
% P0=[-5 1 -1]
%P1=[1 2 3]
% [I,check]=plane_line_intersect([1 1 1],[1 1 -5],[-5 1 -1],[1 2 3]);

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Shehryar Ashraf

How would I extend this to calculate intersection of multiple lines with multiple planes. I have done that, but with nested for loops, i wish to vectorize my problem, how would I go about it?


correction, i just relaised this script only tests if the line is interesecting the infiinite plane, not the bounded plane. - unfortunately i cant delte the previous comment!


warning - there is an error in this script, but i cant find it. The following test should return the check = 3 but instead returns check = 1.

A =[ -6.8756 9.9090 10.0000],B =[ -6.0096 10.4090 10.0000],C =[ -6.0096 10.4090 11.0000],D=[ -6.8756 9.9090 11.0000];
P0 =[ 1.3978 40.0000 6.1149],P1 =[ 4.3943 -4.8078 0.3551];

quad = [A; B ; C; D];
line = [P0; P1];

AB = B-A
AD = D-A

n = cross(AB,AD)/sqrt(dot(cross(AB,AD),cross(AB,AD)))

plot3(line(:,1),line(:,2),line(:,3),'.-'); hold on;
patch(quad(:,1),quad(:,2),quad(:,3), 'green');
plot3(I(:,1),I(:,2),I(:,3),'.r'); hold on;
grid on;
axis equal;

Very helpful in solving simple line and plane intersections
However, i'm having trouble implementing it to calculate intersection between a Gcode toolpath and 2 planes. That is multiple lines going through 2 planes.
Can anyone help?

Atle Aalerud

Sinéad Kearney

Lukas Hulinsky

Shugen Li

very helpful.

I think you should check whether P0 is coincide with P1.

Bashar Alsadik

Januka Attanayake

Vasileios Vlachakis

Thanks a lot, very helpful function and very well implemented!

Darian Viezzer

This solution works perfectly. If someone is interested, I extended it such that it calculates the intersection of multiple segments with multiple planes (no loops, but 3 dimensional matrices are used).

Alexander Heinz


James Grove



Bart Ribbens

Marwan N

thnx a lot man....i had a tough job battering my brains to get this job done....g8 work!!


I was using symbolic math toolbox earlier to solve this problem which doesnot get compiled when I use MCR. I used this code and it worked!!! Thanks so much!!

Chee Hou Kok

Dear Mr. Nassim Khaled,

Is it possible to find out whether a straight line is intersecting a rectangle using your file?

Say, I have a line made of points (0,0) and (5,5) and a rectangle of points (1,1) (3,1) (3,4) and (1,4). How do know that the line is intersecting the rectangle?

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