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Small Amplitude Wave Theory

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Parameters of a water wave, using small amplitude wave theory.


Updated 21 Dec 2007

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Computing the main parameters of a Water wave, using the small amplitude wave theory.

d = water deep (m)
H = wave height (m)
T = wave period (s)
z = depth below the SWL (m)
anitime = time animation (s)

k = wave number
sigma = Frecuency
L = wave length
C = wave phase velocity
Cg = wave group velocity
Energy = energy density
Energy_flux = energy flux
Sxx = Radiation stress (onshore)
Syy = Radiation stress (longshore)
steepness = wave steepness
ursell = Ursell parameter
eta = wave profile
u, w = water particle velocity
ax, az = water particle accelerations
tseta, epsilon = water particle displacements
p = subsurface pressure



[k,sigma,L,C,Cg,Energy,Energy_flux,Sxx,Syy,ursell,steepness,eta,u,w,ax,az,tseta,epsilon,p] = SmallAmplitude(50,3,10,5,5);

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Programming: Gabriel Ruiz Martinez.
UNAM 2006.

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Comments and Ratings (3)

Thomas Clark

Downgrading my rating after finding more serious bugs in the equations for fluid velocity (U,W) which should not be a function of g according to:
More than happy to up my rating again if there is a defence of the system used

At this point it is more rigorous to simply re-write the function rather than comb through line by line looking for more bugs.

Thomas Clark

re. my previous comment - apologies, the sigma/omega definition is clear and consistent with the intrinsic angular frequency sigma.

Thomas Clark

The submission is highly unrefined in terms of coding practice. For example, variables (such as z and t) are reassigned during the code, making it very difficult to read.

It is possible this leads to a bug since the values of t are defined in line 82 then redefined as an integer counter in line 98 and elsewhere.

There is a bug in the axial fluid velocity term:
is expressed as
cos(kx - w-t)
on lines 108, 178 248

... and several similar mistakes are made elsewhere.

Some strange definitions are made - for example 'omega' is labelled 'sigma'.

That said, if you're wanting an implementation of the airy wave functions as defined in the table on this page:
It is much easier to alter this function than start from scratch, especially if not familiar with wave theory. So thanks for getting me some of the way there!

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