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Sorts signals according to user specified criteria (3 options)

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Updated 05 Feb 2008

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Sorts input matrix of data so that each column is re-ordered by
user-specified criteria. Options are (1) sort data by signal width (2)
sort data by energy localization (3) sort data by dissimilarity of
data to a normal probability distribution. The default option is to
return all 3 options, as vectors of indices so that W(:,Iw), for example,
gives the data ordered by signal width.


W: A matrix whose columns are time series to be sorted.
sortopt: (Optional) A string. Can be either 'width', 'erg' or
'pdf'. Default is all three.
plotopt: (Optional) A string. 'plot' produces a plot. Anything
else doesn't.
Inputting 'all' returns a plot of all 3 sorting results.

I: a vector of indices that sorts the time series, so that W(:,I) has it's
columns ordered by the specified criteria.

Wsort=W(:,Iw); %now contains the sorted signals.

%Returns indices that sort the input data by signal width, energy
localization, and 'least noisy'.

%Now W(:,Ip) is ordered from least noisy to most noisy signal. A plot is
produced too.

NOTE: Code requires plotXmatrix as well. Download from file exchange, or

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