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Converts symbolic variables to matlab strings using array opperations.


Updated 03 Feb 2009

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Converts symbolic variables to a Matlab equation string insuring that only array opps are used. Symbolic arrays are converted to linear Cell arrays of strings. This function is most often used to prepare symbolic answers for use with the "eval()" command. Also, converts Maple "atan" function to Matlab "atan2". Converts
Maple "array([[a,b],[c,d]])" notation to matlab "[a,b;c,d]" notation.

Note: eval() of a matrix only works if all the input variables have single values. i.e. vectors and arrays won't work.

Note2: eval() does not work on Cell arrays directly. Use "Cell_array{index}" to keep eval() happy

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Martin Lawson (2020). sym2str (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (6)

Very helpful, because in MatLab R2014 fprintf() can't understand sym().
So now I can run the code from R2017 at my R2014


Thank you very much!!

Great code, but the example is a bit weird.


Added a code example to the help.

A bone headed copy-paste error causes improper results when processing symbolic arrays. ('i' and '1' are hard to tell apart :P )

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