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Simulink Labs Based on DSP First Labs

version (2.12 MB) by Mark Yoder
This series of labs show how to synthesize music with Simulink and then target a TI 'C6000 DSK


Updated 10 Oct 2018

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Lab 4a:
The primary goal of the first lab is to familiarize you with using Simulink so that in the next lab you can use Simulink to program a DSP. Here are three specific goals for this lab:
• Learn basic Simulink commands and syntax, including the help system.
• Learn to write and edit your own blocks in Simulink, and run them.
• Learn a little about advanced programming techniques for Simulink.
• Implement the music synthesis in Simulink.
Lab 4b:
In this lab you will learn:
• How to install the software to target a TI ‘C6713 DSK.
• How to convert the music synthesis program from Lab 04a to run on the DSK.

Lab 4c:
One of the powerful features of Simulink is its ability to target embedded hardware. In this lab you will learn:
• How to monitor the performance of the DSK.
• How to improve the performance of the DSK.

These labs supplement the following textbooks:
• DSP First
• Signal Processing First

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Mark Yoder

Sorry, I don't know. It's been some 10 years since I've used the code.

does it work for TMS320C6748 ? please reply as soon as possible.



i have this question and wait for ur answer

I use Target for TI C6000™ to realize DSP feature extraction algorithm from an image on TMS320C6713 processor. I Have CCS 3.3 evaluation version. I like to know the memory storage required for this algorithm and the time of execution, using Simulink or CCS software, is it possible? Notice that I don’t have any DSK.

shandukani vhulondo

i would like it most

vembi noverly

I never ever seen it before...!
cool... keep moving guys...

Lomengson lawrence

very good

gurkirt singh

Jorge Fiestas

jawahar periyan

aa dd

aa ff


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