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WiFi RSSI with NDIS protocole

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List Wifi devices and retrieve RSSI values of the signal


Updated 11 Jul 2008

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Retrieve RSSI signal from an 802.3 adapter (WiFi) for Windows system with NDIS protocol.
It requiered a fresh install of a NDISPROT miniport driver. Tested with Windows XP SP2 only.
Should be adapted for windows XP SP1 (NDISPROT => NDISUIO).

To install NDISPROT miniport driver

1) Open your network properties and choose install->protocol, choose "I have a disk..."
2) Select from "ndisprotminidriver" dir and select ndisprot.inf


y = wifiRSSI([device] , [N] , [tempo]);


device : String contening WiFi device identifier (default : first adapter taken)

N : Number of RSSI point to retreive (default N = 1);

tempo : Waiting time (ms) between two RSSI values (default tempo = 0);


y RSSI vector (1 x N). Return NAN if Device is not open or INF if RSSI below Threshold detection


Don't forget to start NDISPROT service by the following command from Matlab :

!net start ndisprot

Don't forget also to shutdown NDISPROT service by the following command from Matlab after usage :

!net stop ndisprot


mex -output wifiRSSI.dll wifiRSSI.c

Example 1

device = wifidevice;

y = wifiRSSI(device{1});

Example 2

y = wifiRSSI([] , 100 , 10);

Cite As

Sebastien PARIS (2021). WiFi RSSI with NDIS protocole (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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