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Ventricular guinea-pig action potential

version (51.5 KB) by Klaus Zorn-Pauly
Simulink implementation of a sophisticated ventricular action potential


Updated 15 Jul 2008

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This is a Simulink Model Code of a guinea-pig ventricular action potential published by
Faber GM, Silva J, Livshitz L, Rudy Y. Kinetic properties of the cardiac L-type Ca2+ channel and its role in myocyte electrophysiology: a theoretical investigation.
Biophys J. 2007 92:1522-1543.
The action potential is elicited by the block named Stimulus : 1 Hz is the initial condition.
Initial conditions of the integrator blocks are steady-state values after 1h simulation (1Hz).

Please not, that this differential system is actually an algebraic differential equation since voltage is already given by algebraic combination of the internal ionic concentrations. However it was shown when implementing the stimulus current in the ionic balance (here K+ stimulus current assignment) and using an ‘appropriate’ solver (e.g. ode 45) the numerical solution of the differential equation system shows also stability in long time simulation (1h). In case of ode 15 which operates much faster long term stability is not exactly given, in this case one has to use the algebraic formulation of the model which I can also provide if requested.

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