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Forest Reverb Generator

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Generates acoustic impulse response of a forest.



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Generates the impulse response of an arbitrary forest of acoustically hard cylinders. Each tree scatters sound according to theory from Morse [1948]. Any number of trees of any radius may be placed at any position, limited only by memory and computational time. You can also set the maximum number of tree scatterings in each sound path.

A .wav file may be generated for use in audio reverb units.

A small forest example is included to calculate a 100 x 100 m forest with 10 trees and maximum 5 scatterings per path. Increasing the number of trees and scatterings increases the time and memory used.

This is based on the idea behind Kyle Spratt's Treeverb ( although it was developed independently and appears to give different results.

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jing zhang

Peter Ingram

Paul Behrens

The author of the post above needs to explain his rating, I found this code well written, well commented and well thought out.

dawit amanuel

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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