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Homer Simpson Quotes


Updated 20 Oct 2008

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Ever wonder why the 'why' command exists? Its because even programmers need a laugh and a break sometimes. This is by no means a sophisticated or even correctly programmed file, but it will entertain.

Just type ' homer ' and you'll be rewarded with a Homer Simpson quote. Great for late nights in the lab!

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Thomas Dargue

This is an absolutely useless piece of code, but is it funny, does exactly what it is supposed to do in a timely mannor.

Great code, great quotes and most of all great fun (I have included it in my startup).

Jos FEX #1094450

I feel honored (but also somewhat annoyed, if that is the right word for it) that you simply copied my whole RANDINTERVAL code into your submission, but you'd better stick to using
x = ceil(66*rand);
to select a random integer between 1 and 66 (inclusive)

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Inspired: whynot

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