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version (2.37 KB) by Denis Gilbert
Changes LEGEND fontsize.


Updated 28 Sep 2004

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Changes LEGEND fontsize while maintaining proper alignment between the legend's text strings and line symbols.

Example: Double the fontsize

hLeg = legend(h,'string1','string2',...);
resize_legend(hLeg, 2);

See graphics snapshot below for a DEMO.

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Denis Gilbert (2021). resize_legend (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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This code cannot work in R2014b or later.
Code uses legend's children to increase the font size. There are no children of legend in aforementioned versions of Matlab.

Matlab has implemented this as built-in functions from R2014b. Please check the examples on


Not working with Matlab R2016a.
Tried resize_test.m (included file)
Showing below error.

% returns
% 0x0 empty GraphicsPlaceholder array


Michael Wirtz

it's really helpful. thx

shirley du

it's really helpful. it's what i want to achieve in my code. and Thank you!

Joel Sander

Very helpful...controlled resize of legends was exactly what I was trying to learn to do...Thanks

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Created with R11.1
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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