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Multitarget Bearing Only Tracking by Particle Filter

version (107 KB) by Sebastien PARIS
A demo illustrating Multitarget BO tracking by particle filter


Updated 28 Jan 2020

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A fast implementation of particle filter dedicaced to multitarget tracking with bearing only measurements. For the multitarget data association problem, a gibbsampler is used to estimate target association probabilities.

Ref : "Sequential Monte-Carlo methods for multple target tracking and data fusion" , Carine. Hue, Jean-Pierre Le Cadre and Patrick Perez, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing , Vol 50, no 2, 2002

Please mexme_mtbot to compile mex-files on your own plateform.

Run demo_mtbot.m for the demo

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Sebastien PARIS (2021). Multitarget Bearing Only Tracking by Particle Filter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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