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Highlight Tab objects easily

version (5.92 KB) by Angel Calzada
This function let's yo manage(show & hide) easily the elements in your GUI.


Updated 18 Dec 2008

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This function solves the problematic of show & hide elments while working with "tabs". You have to identify all the elements that belong to tab with "User Data" property. This function lets you manage all the elements with just one simple call.

In the zip you'll find an example of use in a GUI with two tabs.

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adh adaff


I was trying how dos it work, i'm new in file-exchange site. I tried to upload the file and i "accidentally" deleted it.

I agrree that i should'nt rate the file, is there any way to delete my rate?



authors should NOT rate their own submissions...

This code works well in Windows/Linux and Mac

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