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Yahoo GeoCode API

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GeoCode an address using the Yahoo GeoCode API.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Have you ever wondered what the Latitude and Longitude of the MathWorks headquarters is? Well now you can find that (or any other address) all from within MATLAB. This function queries Yahoo to geocode an address string. The address can be anything from a company name, a city, a zip code, or a full comma seperated street address.
Yahoo! Maps Web Services - Geocoding API
*Note: You need an AppID to query data from Yahoo. There is a sample AppID provided by Yahoo. I'm not sure what will happen if everyone uses the sample, so if your actually going to use this to make more then a few queries please get your own AppID.

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I have a question about Yahoo API. Since, Geocode API is deprecated, I've used Yahoo PlaceFinder API. But I have difficulties receiving the response from web service.

Additionally, I've explained my problem at Matlab Answers (

I would appreciate if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

Jarvis Davis

Thanks. i modified your code to use the Google API


The line you are talking about does not throw an ERROR it throws a WARNING. You are using the DEMO APPID. If you plan on using this to make a lot of queries you need to get your own APPID.

I have to put throw a WARNING if someone uses the DEMO APPID because if too many people use it then the DEMO APPID may stop working.

If you plan on using this a lot then:

1) Goto this website

2) Click on "Get an App ID"

3) Get an APPID of your own.

4) Use that APPID instead of the DEMO APPID


(My case is below)

Error in ==> YahooGeoCodeAddress at 19




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