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Benchmark clear() behavior with OOP handle

version (1.77 KB) by Benjamin Heasly
Examine Matlab's "clear" behavior with different handle reference configurations.

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Updated 30 Mar 2016

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Create N handle objects, store 1-3 references to each.
Order of object creation, number of references, and configuration of references all have drastic impact on "clear" time as function of number of objects. Times range from flat, to linear, to quadratic.

Using a simple handle class:
% % classdef simpleHandle < handle
% % properties
% % ref1;
% % ref2;
% % end
% % methods
% % function self = simpleHandel
% % end
% % end
% % end

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Benjamin Heasly (2021). Benchmark clear() behavior with OOP handle (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Nguyen Thieu

Check out my lastest framework for benchmark functions using python (numpy).

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Created with R2008b
Compatible with any release
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