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2D Simpson's Integrator

version (2.79 KB) by Whayne Padden
Fully vectorised 2D integrator based on the Simpson's method


Updated 05 Mar 2009

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Fast, fully vectorised version of the Simpson's method for 2D domains. This code avoids the use of any for loops etc. For a given level of accuracy it can be an order of magnitude or more faster than dblquad.

Examples are provided within the code.


ans = simp2D('func',xs,xe,ys,ye,NX,NY)

Input parameters:

func - 2D function that accepts vector inputs (otherwise
incorrect results can occur)
xs, xe - x-limits of integration
ys, ye - y-limits of integration
NX - number of integration intervals in the x-direction (should be even)
NY - number of integration intervals in the y-direction (should be even)

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Whayne Padden (2021). 2D Simpson's Integrator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2006b
Compatible with any release
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