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simulation of MC-CDMA in Rayleigh channel


Updated 31 Mar 2009

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simulation of MC-CDMA in Rayleigh channel using TDL methods.

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how I can find the frequency band and other information like time of the bit

Pooja Tomar

shuo hu

how to find the time-delay


I want some explanation about "simulation of MC-CDMA in Rayleigh channel"

dear yang lin

i trid to mail u on ur given mail id but i got mail failure notice

i m doing my dissertation work on MC-CDMA based on cognitive radio, to mitigate interference of primary user by secondary user , and also power allocation for all user.

please reply me soon..because my term has been started for a month , n trying hard for that.

thank you

very useful and thanks for your work

Semi sharef

Very simple simulation and easy to understand

yang lin

thank you!I have do some project on Cognitive radio and MC-CDMA,if you have interest on it,please contact

Not a function. No help. No helpful explanations. First line is
clear all;
Perhaps a homework solution?

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