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Like many apps, now Matlab GUI can easily "remember" its last state, using these functions.


Updated 08 Jul 2009

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Many apps "remember" their last state. The following functions make this functionality very easy for Matlab GUIs.

UIREMEMBER basically remembers (saves) the object state.
UIRESTORE basically restores the object last saved state.

The simplest way to do it is, for each "need to be remembered" object :
1. Put UIREMEMBER in the object DeleteFcn or Callback .
2. Put UIRESTORE in the object CreateFcn.

Attached is a demo that do it (just run demo.m).

The functions have more advanced usage by options such, which properties to remember / restore and name/location of the save file.
Please use HELP for the full functionality.

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Lior Cohen (2021). GUI with memory - UIREMEMBER & UIRESTORE (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Wesley Chen


I missed this function for a long time.
Mathworks should add your funtion to Matlab !!!

Thibaut Leroy

Good job!

I would create only one function, but it's another approach. To add uitable's data, you can add this as default properties:
def.uitable = {'Data'};
(it should work)

And instead of having uiremember and uirestore at each uicontrol CreateFcn or DeleteFcn function, I prefer to pass all the objects at one time (all the children of the Graphic Current Figure here):

Thibaut Leroy

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