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Extended version of griddata3

version (4.86 KB) by Alper Yaman
To get grid data of multiple 3D volumes.

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Updated 30 Sep 2009

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The time consuming part of griddata3 function is delaunay tessellation. If there are multiple volumes having the same scattered coordinates, griddata3ev (ev: extended version) func makes tessellation once and apply it to all volumes.
If the volumes are too large, griddata3ev function gives memory error as griddata3 does. To get rid of such errors, griddata3evs can be used. It divides the whole volume to sub volumes, apply each of them griddata3ev, saves the results then merges them.
This code is developed at BUMIL (Bogazici University Medical Imaging Lab) in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Alper Yaman

vv generation, d are just examples. vv can be different in your case, it is the data that you want to interpolate on uniform grid "d". You can change 33x33x33 for your case.


I have a series of 3D points and I want to use from griddata3evs for interpolation and building a DEM or so on...
but I don't know about inputs and generally about griddata3
vv = x.^2 + y.^2 + z.^2;??? why? and do I can earn vv from a different way?
d = -0.8:0.05:0.8;??? why 33x33x33 in meshgrid?
how can I use this?
thank U...

Alper Yaman

I am not sure if there is pure c++ solution for griddata and meshgrid but you can call matlab and run any function from c++.

randa randa

hi !
is there any method to use griddata and meshgrid on c++


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