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Return a p-value from a given z (standardized distribution)

version (1.33 KB) by Andrea Padoan
It's a very simple code, useful if you need to calculate p-value inside routine or software.


Updated 30 Jan 2010

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z value

One tail and two tail p-value.

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Andrea Padoan (2021). Return a p-value from a given z (standardized distribution) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Cameron Hanan

Jos (10584)

Keep the name, but change the engine by using the more robust ERFC function:

p = 0.5 * erfc(-z ./ sqrt(2))

Do not print the results out on the screen as well, but just return them as an output argument.

Finally, re-design the help section (add H1 line, used by lookfor), a description of the inputs and outputs, an example and a see also line.

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