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MATLAB Primer, 7th Edition, CRC Press, 2005

version 1.1 (809 KB) by Tim Davis
This is not the book itself, but a set of files printed in the book, "MATLAB Primer, 7th Ed."

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Updated 20 Nov 2014

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MATLAB Primer, 7th Edition, by Timothy A. Davis and Kermit Sigmon
This is a collection of files used in the 7th Edition of the MATLAB Primer, CRC Press, 2005,

This set of files is not complete in itself, but is meant to accompany the book. Some of the files are not commented at all. Some (such as hello.c) are not really useful except when going through the exercises in the book. Each of the files are fully described in the book.


back.jpg: back cover of the book
back.pdf: back cover of the book
front.jpg: front cover of the book
front.pdf: front cover of the book

bisect.m: solve f(x)=0 using the bisection method

ddomloops.m: modify a matrix to make it diagonally dominant
ddom.m: ditto, but with no for loops
diagdom.c: ditto, but as a C mexFunction
diagdom.m: M-file help for diagdom.c mexFunction

decrypt.m: decrypt a message
encrypt.m: encrypt a message
getkey.m: get a key for the encrypt.m / decrypt.m functions

hello.c: a trivial mexFunction

loadurl.m: read a URL, return the result as a string Java helper function for loadurl.m

mandelbrot.m: draw the Mandelbrot set

seashell.m: simple code for creating a picture of a seashell a GUI for creating lots of different seashells

utsolve2.f: mexFunction interface for utsolve.f
utsolve.f: solve x=U'\b without forming U' (see also linsolve)

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