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A timing error detector for Communication systems with simulink.

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Updated 16 Mar 1999

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A timing error detector for Communication systems with simulink.

# Required versions : Matlab 5.2.1, Simulink 2.2.1

# File description

1. ti_det1.m (simulink version 5.2.1)

An s-function to be used for timing detector. For detailed information, Refer to the following paper,K.H. Mueller and M. Mueller,
' Timing recovery in digital synchronous data receivers,'
IEEE Trans. Comun., vol COM-24, no. 5, May 1976.

2. m_delay3.m (related m-file)

An s-function operating as sample and hold with clock port.

3. test1.mdl

A timing recovery system to test the timing detector.

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Byung Yoon Min (2021). timing (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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ruan zh


Jiang Wenjun

We are studing a kind of new algorithm about
QAM demodulation.So the timing error detector
is being used our system.We want to study this program to improve our effects.

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