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Conversion from Right Ascension/Declinati​on to Altitude/Azimuth in Matlab

version (1.73 KB) by Christopher Wilcox
Convert from Right Ascension/Declination to Altitude/Azimuth.

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Updated 24 Mar 2010

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Convert Right Ascension/Declination angles in degrees to Altitude/Azimuth in degrees for an Alt/Az telescope mount.
Input: RA - Right Ascension in degrees
Dec - Declination in degrees
Latidute - Observer's Latitude (Negative for South) in degrees
Longitude - Observer's Longiture (Negative for West) in degrees
(optional) time - Date vector, as returned from 'clock.m', if not supplied, the current date/time is used.
Output: Altitude - Telescope Altitude in degrees
Azimuth - Telescope Azimuth in degrees

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Christopher Wilcox (2020). Conversion from Right Ascension/Declination to Altitude/Azimuth in Matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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