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Grid-based modeling of images

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These functions enable calculating functions using the grid-based modeling.


Updated 31 May 2010

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Three functions are provided:

1. get_function_on_grid: This function can be used to calculate a function on a grid.
2. get_function_on_grid_prior: This function can be used to calculate a function on a grid. The parameters are passed to function using the prior variable.
3. interpolation_a_grid_on_domain: This function can be used to interpolate a calculated grid-function back on the image domain

May 30th, 2010, By Reza Farrahi Moghaddam and Rachid Hedjam, Synchromedia Lab, ETS, Montreal, Canada

For more details about the grid-based modeling, please refer to [1].

Below, an example of calculating the mean function using the grid-based modeling on an sample image is provided. First, the 'mean' function is calculated on the grid, using get_function_on_grid function. Then, the result is interpolated on the image domain using the interpolation_a_grid_on_domain function (see mypublishtest.m for the complete script):
u_avg_G = Get_function_on_grid(u, @mean, s_G, 1);
u_avg = interpolation_a_grid_on_domain(u_avg_G, xm, ym, s_G);

In cases where the function needs some prior parameters, please use Get_function_on_grid_prior function. An example is provided in mypublishtest.m

[1] R. Farrahi Moghaddam and M. Cheriet, A multi-scale
framework for adaptive binarization of degraded document images, Pattern Recognition, 43, pp. 2186--2198, 2010, DOI: 10.1016/j.patcog.2009.12.024

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