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Vuvuzela sound denoising algorithm

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This script implements a sound denoising algorithm in Matlab for vuvuzela sound cancelation.

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The sound denoising algorithm is based on the popular spectral subtraction technique. Based on the spectrum of the vuvuzela sound, this denoising technique simply computes an antenuation map in the time-frequency domain. Then, the audio signal is restored by computing the inverse STFT. See [1-3] for more detail about the algorithm.

The zip file contains:

- the vuvuzela_denoising.m file
- the vuvuzela.wav audio file

To hear the result of this algorithm, go directly to:

Note that better denoising audio results could be obtained by properly tuning the algorithm parameters.


[1] Steven F. Boll, "Suppression of Acoustic Noise in Speech Using Spectral Subtraction", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 27(2),pp 113-120, 1979

[2] Y. Ephraim and D. Malah, “Speech enhancement using a minimum mean square error short-time spectral amplitude estimator,” IEEE. Transactions in Acoust., Speech, Signal Process., vol. 32, no. 6, pp. 1109–1121, Dec. 1984.

[3] S. Mallat, "A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing", Academic Press, 3rd edition, 2008.

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Jose Alberto

Fangyu Li

sonali rai

sonali rai

This method can be used to remove noise on the speech signal? like the sound of the highway?

If you take the time to turn this nasty script into a respectable function, it actually works pretty nicely. very useful

1)can anyone explain how the program works from start till end? please help. urgent. im currently doing a project using spectral subtraction technique to reduce noise in audio file.
2)how i can edit this program to use for noise reduction in audio file? i use this program and change the wave file to a song with noise. the result i got is it reduce the music too. please help me. urgent. thanks in advance.

Tanyer Alan

Tanyer Alan (view profile)

Does somebody look for a Simulink model ?

Paul Barnard

Paul Barnard (view profile)

Thanks for the link.

Sebastien, are u sure Audionamix uses spectral substraction?

Sebastien PARIS

Excellent :) .... Canal + is already using your algorithm ;)

Maybe you can try to convert it into a Simulink model ?!? ;-)

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell (view profile)

I'll give you 5* if you can tell me how to process the audio from the browser in real-time. :-)



Axes added on the spectrogram


more efficient method

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