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if-then-else shortcut

version (1.5 KB) by Yanai
The function is a shortcut for simple if conditions, to reduce redundant code


Updated 31 Aug 2010

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shortcut for simple if conditions.
The function works similar to Excel format.
First argument is the condition, second is what to do if true, third is what to do if false.

example 1:
A = ifelse(x>thr, 5, 3)
will execute:
if x>thr
A = 5
A = 3

example 2:
A = ifelse(im>thr, im*2, im/2)
will execute:
A = im*2 where im>thr
A = im/2 where im<=thr

example 3:
ifelse(x~=0, 'y=1/x;', 'disp ''x is zero''')
will execute:
if x~=0
y = 1/x;
disp 'x is zero'

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Yanai (2022). if-then-else shortcut (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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