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This is a function that computes the cofactors of an n x n matrix


Updated 10 Sep 2010

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When a user enters an n x n matrix eg. A=[1 1 1; 3 1 -1; 2 1 -1] the function computes the corresponding cofactors.

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Lateef Kareem

Another issue with bruno's suggestion is that we still have to take the transpose of the result to get the cofactor matrix


Bruno's suggestion only works for invertible matrices

Bruno Luong

Cofactor_of_a = inv(a).'*det(a)

Simpler and faster.


Sean de

The output is not preallocated and grows inside the loop: M-LINT!!!

This will do the same thing faster (with preallocating output):
[rr cc] = meshgrid(1:r,1:c);
D = zeros(r,c);
for ii = 1:numel(A)
D(ii) = det(A(~(rr(ii)==1:r),~(cc(ii)==1:c)));
Ab = (-1).^(rr+cc).*D';

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