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Reads in an two (n,2) column matrices and plots the resulting vectors.


Updated 17 Sep 2010

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I wanted a way to easily plot up vectors for math problems, to get a better idea of the the gradient, divergence, curl and such looked like. So I made this function.

It has a number of user options (which are outline in help) and a number of default settings which can easily be changed.

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Good question...

Honestly, I think they maybe the same, except for some extra options that Vectors2D does 'behind the scenes' that you could easily do in one or two lines with 'quiver'.

Personally, I prefer the input of two vectors which describe the vector (initial point and vector or initial point and final point) as to putting each of these as 4 column vectors...

Was it necessary to write - probably not, but it was fun and I learned a ton...

When I first started coding it, there was a reason I couldn't use quiver, but I don't remember what it was...

Is this different than the "quiver" built in? If so, you may want to discuss in which ways it is different.

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