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Use the mouse to seamlessly navigate a large figure


Updated 19 Oct 2010

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Makes it easy to get around plots and images:
> click and drag to pan
> double-click to re-center
> shift-click to create rectangle to zoom into
> mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out

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your image must be in the matlab search path. go to file -> set path and browse for where the image is. You can test if it can be found by using imshow('mona.jpg'); if you have the image processing toolbox, or imread('mona.jpg'); without

i am unable to read the image...

Thanks for your feedback, I fixed the uiextras problem (should be up in a day or two - see update info below) -let me know of any other bugs and i'll swat 'em (:

Michael Chan

I tried the example:

however, I get this error:
??? The class "uiextras" is undefined.

could u advise pls? thank u.


*deleted 'uiextras.Vbox' to eliminate need for external toolbox, though I would highly suggest the following for setting up GUI's:

v.1.1: added 'flip' input, 'toggle' input, and fixed example bugs

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