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Descriptive Statistics

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Calculates key values of the descriptive statistics


Updated 08 Nov 2010

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This function gets the key values for a descriptive statistics such as mean, std, mode, median, quartiles and percentiles. This includes the five- and seven-number summary.

Input x must be a vector or a matrix where each column of x is regarded as a data set if x is a matrix. Input param is an optional cell list of parameters, e.g., param = {'whisker', 2} setting whisker = 2. Multiple user defined options are separated by semi-colon, e.g., param = {'whisker', 2; 'qmethod','-mean'}.

Output ds is a structure. To extract the quartiles for instance quart = ds.quartile.

ds = getDescriptiveStatistics(randn(1000,10))

ds = getDescriptiveStatistics(rand(1000,2),{'whisker', 2; 'qmethod','-mean'})

ds = getDescriptiveStatistics(rand(1000,2),{'percent', [25 50 75];'pmethod','nearestRank'})

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