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In or Out (Jordan Curve Method)

version (69.4 KB) by Krishna Lalith
Is the given "Point" Inside or Outside the Space-Filling Curve?


Updated 19 Nov 2010

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About the GAME:

Objective: Is the given "Point" Inside or Outside the Space-Filling Curve?
Level: The player has option to choose the toughness level.
Note: The answer is displayed pictorially.

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Krishna Lalith (2021). In or Out (Jordan Curve Method) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Your program is very good but the documentation needs attention as the program dosen't give any clue of whats happening. Do you have any documentation for this coding with you?
I want to try this program for my problem, I want to find heirerichy of contours ( how many contours are inside a contour, chain contours, various branches) using Jordan curve, would you like to give some advise? thanks

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