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Plot cylinder

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Triangulated patch cylinder


Updated 21 Dec 2010

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% Sample values
h = 10; % height
ra = 1.5; % radius

% Create constant vectors
tht = linspace(0,2*pi,100); z = linspace(0,h,20);

% Create cylinder
xa = repmat(ra*cos(tht),20,1); ya = repmat(ra*sin(tht),20,1);
za = repmat(z',1,100);

% To close the ends
X = [xa*0; flipud(xa); (xa(1,:))*0]; Y = [ya*0; flipud(ya); (ya(1,:))*0];
Z = [za; flipud(za); za(1,:)];

% Draw cylinder
[TRI,v]= surf2patch(X,Y,Z,'triangle');
patch('Vertices',v,'Faces',TRI,'facecolor',[0.5 0.8 0.8],'facealpha',0.8);
view(3); grid on; axis square; title('Cylinder','FontSize',12)

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Inspired by: isodd, Local min, max, nearest neighbour

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